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Shells - Pink/Blue MED

Approx 10.5" Wide

Lucie’s love of ceramics making has rapidly grown in recent years, and she has since exhibited six sell-out shows and installations, with shells traveling to all corners of the globe to adorn many beautiful homes and spaces. Shellegance has also had fabulous international media coverage!

Each ceramic shell in this shop is unique. Lucie de Moyencourt loves improvising with her brushwork and colors and whimsically approaches each shell. The artist is given a chance to experiment with the complex and mystical mediums of Stoneware, Porcelain, Earthenware, Underglazes, Glazes, and sometimes also Lustre. You might see iterations and repeats in patterns and colors, but as each shell is handmade and hand-painted, all shells will be unique, making them highly collectible.

Each shell has a custom brass wire hanging device by wire artist George Magaso. The shells might look like plates, but do not be fooled; they are inferior performing plates! Due to their undulating edges, any sauce is sure to spill! It is recommended to keep them as purely decorative wall-hanging ceramics.

Please note that the brass wire used for the hanging device is a one-bend wire (do not try to bend it twice, as it will snap). If you want to tilt your shell to a different angle, we recommend hanging it off the nail by the brass attachment and securing it with putty to your desired angle.

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