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Regarding the Czech Christmas trees:

These special sparkly Czech Christmas trees showcase the elaborate designs Czechs are famous for... Between the mid-1920s and the 1950s, the jewels made in Czechoslovakia were heavily soldered with copper and pot metal, which is a mixture of semi-precious metals. That is what you see on the back of these super sparkly trees. 

Many of the stands look as if they have been repaired, and are not pristine. (Part of the charm!) Some trees are more delicate and fragile than others - depending on age and design. Some stands have been replaced with new ones.

They range in size from 4" tall to 15" tall, and prices are based on what I buy them for, plus a percentage. Some of the prices may seem random because sometimes I am able to find collections for a better price, and other trees are found as a special single.

Most of the trees are vintage from 1930-1950, and several are new. Several vendors, I buy from sell both vintage and new and some are vintage with new repairs. I just choose the prettiest ones :)

Please know that the sources I acquired these trees from are trusted Czech businesses. If there is a missing stone, it was missed by them, and in turn by me, and was not intentional. Unwrap carefully and check the packaging for any missing stones, and most likely, it can be finagled back into its place. Please understand, these are vintage pieces with hundreds of mini stones. The trees are final sale but do contact me if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, and I will try to accommodate.