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English Delftware Candlestick 3| Emily Mitchell

Emily’s new Flora & Fauna slipware collection of flower vases and wall sconces is inspired by early English slip decoration and research into Jacobean embroidery and stump work motifs of the natural world.  

Each piece is handmade in terracotta and painted with layers of coloured slip before being decorated with hundreds of slip dots to create raised patterns of flora and fauna. Birds, hares and stags run around the flower vases and over the wall sconces.

Elegant, hand-thrown candlesticks by Emily Mitchell. Hand painted with cobalt oxide, with a white gloss glaze and white slip decoration, inspired by early delftware ceramics.

Emily is a ceramicist producing hand-built and hand-thrown ceramics. Her contemporary approach takes inspiration from English Delftware, a popular ceramic style in the 17th and 18th centuries, originating not far from Emily's Norwich based studio. 

Each candlestick is unique, through form and decoration.

Candlestick 3: Height: 17cm x Width: 20cm


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