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Trace Mayer Museum Bees

Museum Bees Book by Trace Mayer

Museum Bees Book by Trace Mayer

7.5" x 7.5"

Limited First Edition Hardcover 2021 publication. 

333 pp collection detailing Museum Bees story beginning in 2012 with over 600 photographs. Museum Bees is based in Louisville, KY. This book covers the range of work, materials, thought processes, and creations,  including custom pieces and client installations.  

Trace Mayer uses antique frame fragments from 1860-80 to form charming and interesting shapes. In the center, various ornaments are showcased, the first of which was Napoleon's Bee. What has transpired over the years is a phenomenon anyone and everyone can get excited about and be a part of. Bees have expanded to include a plethora of other gems, including other animals, insects, and even personal items such as a medal or a special family heirloom. Small antique objects are also showcased, including horse brass, pre-Columbian fragments, or small cameos.

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