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The French Tangerine is your resource for aptware and French pottery! Access to awesome at it's finest ~ straight from France. With a few exceptions, aptware is typically SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Minimum order required. 

Aptware and other French pottery is ordered directly from one of several vendors in Apt, France, and there is typically a long waitlist with wait times ranging from 8 weeks to 8 months. I usually have a few pieces in the shop ~ listed separately ~ for purchase.. I have included lots of examples of aptware under the SPECIAL ORDER Tureen image below. Some photos are from the past, and shown for reference. Most items can be ordered. Prices listed below are approximate and do not include shipping.

Contact me by email to inquire about stock, lead time, and pricing. I am happy to assist you with your order.

*Aptware is a beautifully marbleized faience pottery, naturally inspired by the colored soils in Apt, a small town in France. I was overjoyed when I came across a skilled artisan and vendor residing in that region. I am thrilled to provide access to this highly specialized and sought after product, however it is usually considered a very special order. Keep in mind the delivery times range anywhere from 8 weeks at certain times of the year, to 8 months at other times. The images displayed under *Aptware from France* are samples of aptware I have seen when visiting the workshops. Please inquire with any questions! Often, we feature pieces that I purchase while in Apt in the shops. However, most aptware sells very quickly, and it's hard to keep any of the traditional aptware in stock. 

Aptware Pricing: (click on blue tureen below to view images)

Dinner Plate $210

Salad/Dessert Plate $175

Buffet/Presentation Plate $235

Platter $1250 - $1800

Pitcher $625

Teapot $600 

Tureen $2225