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Shangrlia Pumpkin

SMALL 6”H $225

MEDIUM 8”H $250

LARGE 12”H $330

The pumpkins are manufactured from molded high density foam. Each pumpkin is finish coated with a satin polyurethane finish to assist in protecting the design for years to come. As this is a manufactured product, there may be visible seams, pock marks from the manufacturing process or minor details that cannot be covered with paint. (example: the underside center stem area) These are usual occurrences and are not considered defects of the painting process.

Each pumpkin is hand-painted and a work of art. While the clear coat will preserve the pumpkin for years to come, it will not protect it from exposure to weather, so please keep them under cover or indoors. To clean, gently wipe down the pumpkin with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water.

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