If you have not heard about Museum Bees, here's what people are buzzing about:

Trace Mayer uses antique frame fragments, predominantly from 1860-80, to form charming and interesting shapes. In the center, a variety of ornaments are showcased, the first of which was Napoleon's Bee. What has transpired over the years is a phenomenon anyone and everyone can get excited about and be a part of. Bees have expanded to include a plethora of other gems including other animals, insects, and even personal items such as a medal, or a special family heirloom. Small antique objects are also showcased including horse brass, pre-Columbian fragments, or small cameos.

Each and every "bee" is priced at $50. 

Each is a work of art and imperfectly perfect...

Decorating ideas here.

2" wide

$ 50.00

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