Utah for 4th of July

Utah was never on my list for travel. It didn’t occur to me when thinking of places to visit for vacations. Thanks to my kids, and especially my middle son, we have come to love Utah, and it is one of our favorite vacation spots.

The floral display in downtown Salt Lake City is remarkable, especially on the grounds of the Temple. Here are a few shots on our morning walk from the hotel to the Temple.

After a couple nights at The Grand America in Salt Lake City, we moved to the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City. I was constantly taking photos with my phone, hoping to share the beauty of the grounds. It was hard to capture on an iPhone, but as you can see, this is quickly becoming a floral/garden post.


Next to the views, the temperature is the very best thing about being in the mountains. It was 70 degrees during the day and we ate most meals outside. There are no bugs, and if dinners got a bit chilly, they brought out cozy blankets for guests to keep warm. Here are a few more shots from the weekend…


Thank goodness we discovered Utah.

I am, and have always been, a beach girl. After moving from Florida to the midwest as a child, we vacationed at the beach every year for decades. I have such fond memories of those vacations, and am happiest at the beach for sure. But I’ll tell you what, the mountains are starting to grow on me. That chill in the air, and the unbelievable beauty everywhere you look is pretty amazing.


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Hello Jan, I lived in Utah for 3 years. LOVED it! Salt Lake City has a lot going on – great restaurants, interesting little shops in and around Trolley square and several nice, downtown parks. In general, people take very good care of their homes and gardens.

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