lucy cope matchstrikes

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Lucy Cope matchstrikes are found in the most prestigious homes worldwide and are used by world class interior designers. They are truly an exquisite and special addition to any space.

Lucy has been designing these beauties for 22 years. Her sense of color and design cross the divide between traditional and contemporary and have stood the test of time. Her lamps and accessories of hand blown lead crystal are made in England by a team of highly skilled artisans who are recognized individually in their field.

The matchstrikes come in mini- 3.25"H, small- 4"H, medium- 5"H, and large- 6"H, and several shapes including cantaloupe and pumpkin. There are several cuts as well including spirals, diamonds, step cut, and splits. I'll label the below so you can familiarize yourself with the terms.

This is a large cantaloupe shape in tobacco.

Here are three small cantaloupe shapes in cranberry, aqua, and lime green.

Here are a couple minis.

One in kelp with step cuts, and one in sea foam and spirals...

Aren't they fabulous!? I just adore them! Oh, they can also be used with a votive candle. I recently saw a collection of smalls and minis used in a grouping with votives... really spectacular.

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