naples condo

If you have been following my instagram stories, you might be expecting this post. Although it is still a work in progress, there is enough completed to share some photos. I'll explain what is still to come as we go along...

The entry has the same chest and mirror from 25 years ago! Some things are not worth replacing, and these pieces have stood the test of time.

We actually saw it in the window when we stopped by Jett Thompson and called immediately to see if we could have it switched out. We could.

Jett Thompson helped me pull everything together. They were a joy to work with, and Jett has incredible style. I adore her store and find something I have to have every time I go in there. We chose fabrics together, which is one of my all-time favorite things to do. She introduced me to several lines of furniture I had never heard of, including this sectional and chair/ottoman from Verellen. They are oversized and so comfortable.

The master bedroom is unlike anything I've done before.. Almost no color besides the blue Scalamandre fabric on the headboard. Most of the bedding is backordered. I have a few pieces, but we are still waiting on shams and bedskirt, so that will have to be featured in an upcoming post.

Wait until you see the bathroom and master closet. The wallpaper is sort of the main event, so I'm waiting until that is done to show you!

Back to the living/kitchen area...

Here is my favorite Ira Yeager painting. Remember my post on my obsession with Ira? I am the proud owner of thirteen of his paintings... (here's the post if you missed it)

Mark D Sikes' kitchen was my main inspiration... Thanks to Pinterest, it's so much easier to copy the people who have already figured out what looks awesome :) I also loved my friend's kitchen, Elizabeth Bear Designs...

The guest room is my favorite. I adore the green headboards with the white nailhead trim. And that Celerie Kemble lamp!

I bought these framed intaglios a white ago and couldn't wait to hang them in here!

This guest bathroom is a major upgrade from the old...

It is really coming together and is comfortable and happy. It's 4 degrees in Omaha right now, and I do not miss that temperature one bit.

That's it for now.. I will be excited to share a few more things in the next post. It's a process, but in a space this small, it is easier to see the progress.

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