anniversary club 2

My SIL called me up a few hours before her Anniversary Club Dinner Party and asked if I had any placemats in stock. Oh yes, I sure did. You guys, this Anniversary Club Dinner Party is a recurring thing, and I've documented the beauty associated with this gathering before. Go ahead and scroll through these pics, but come back and review the past gorgeousness here!

right here, but I think the flowers stole the show. My SIL had her oldest and dearest friend come over and throw these together. This is raw talent, friends!

This tablescape is slightly outside my SIL's color wheelhouse. She is not a color fanatic like I am. But how could you not love how everything came together? Don't be afraid of color, people! It's the best!

Blue hydrangea at the entry...

So pretty in the living room...

Charming screened in porch on our way to see her gorgeous outdoor space...

This space definitely represents my SIL's relationship with color.

Doesn't it look peaceful and inviting?

The backdrop is fantastic with all the trees.

*Don't forget to check out the Anniversary Club Dinner Party from five years ago right here.

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