Around the House

We cancelled our Thanksgiving trip to Whitefish, Montana, so we will be home for the holidays!

Even with all this free time, I can’t quite get in the mood for Christmas decorating. My house already has a lot of little things all over, so I have to be in just the right frame of mind to bring out more things. Hopefully the feeling comes sometime soon, however I feel confident that anything goes this year.

This little bouquet of blue hydrangea really made it’s way around the house for this photo shoot. I just love the flowers in the cricket cage!

Here is it in the kitchen.


And the dining room. . .


Back in the kitchen. . .



And there is my new Ira Yeager painting! I saw it on the Ira Yeager Studios instagram page, and messaged about it right away. The Czech word for Vrana is crow! I thought it would be a fun gift idea for our anniversary. We celebrate 32 years on Thanksgiving this year!


Here is my new Karen Appleton painting. I adore it. Karen inspired one of my first posts on this blog, and she has been highlighted a few times through the years. I adore her “presents” and finally got one of my own. I can’t decide if I should take it to Naples, but for now I’m enjoying moving it around the house. Love the small size.


Got some of the most beautiful ceramics from France for the shop, and I had to keep a couple of these bowls for myself. There are still a few available in the French pottery section: here. Love the blue and green!


Obsessed with the matchstrikes we added around the house. I think they are the perfect addition to any decor and couldn’t be prettier. Shop here. I am always surprised at how quickly they sell. They are an investment, but I have sold three at a time more often than you would think!


Here you can see all my favorite things: aptware, needlepoint, and a matchstrike!


More needlepoint coasters. . .


And more . . .


Another matchstrike. . .


This is just a happy little corner in my kitchen. The little brass dog and the heart “bee” are both from Trace Mayer. I adore selling bees and thing they are the easiest gift for any holiday. Shop here.


Also LOVE these cocktail napkins! Shop here.


Another matchstrike. . . this one is actually available in the shop! Shop here.


Hope you all stay safe and well in the coming months.


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