new fortuny in the house

This post was supposed to be about my new family room furniture. BUT IT'S STILL NOT HERE. Apparently, a shipping mix up. As annoying as that news was, it came with a special delivery that replaced the bad news quite nicely.

I had a few cushions covered with a gorgeous orange Fortuny, and this unexpected substitute delivery will certainly tide me over until the highly anticipated family room furniture arrives next week.

Persepolis in bittersweet and gold for what seems like forever before finally ordering. Richard White, who still helps me with design projects now and then... He also picked out that chair 18 years ago, and was the cheerful and handsome deliverer of these gorgeous cushions!

My new family room furniture is supposed to be delivered next Tuesday, but I'm not going to hold my breath. To be honest, as long as I know it's coming, I am happy to wait. Stay tuned...

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