monogrammed napkins for sale!

Remember these?

Different monogram, but same picot edge...

I don't know which I love more... the color napkin with the white edge and monogram, or the white napkin with the color edge and monogram

Please drop me an email and let me know if you would like to place an order for picot-edged, monogrammed napkins, or any of the placemats you see here. For the napkins, I can email you color options, and rest assured, pretty much any color you can think of is available. I also have options for monograms, although this is my favorite, shown above in several images...

The placemats are 15" square and are priced at $48 each.

The napkins are $38 each, and the monogram is an additional $28 per napkin. I realize this is quite an investment, and I don't have any recommendations on how to make it feel better. Somehow, I push through the pain of ordering, and when they arrive, the feeling is immediately replaced with one of elation. 😬

*The monograms typically take about 8 weeks, but we are quite close to the holiday season, and they are already backed up. The monogrammed napkins would not be ready to ship until at least a couple weeks after Christmas.

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