stenciled butler's pantry

Although this project turned out to be more complex than originally planned, I could not be happier about the way it looks! Andy Moore thought at a quick glance, that he could stencil a design in my Butler's Pantry in a day or two. I was thrilled. The wallpaper I was considering was a fortune, and the colors weren't quite right. I showed it to Andy when he was here working on another project, and he thought surely he could give me this same look with stenciling, and do it quickly, saving me time and money by scrapping the wallpaper.

Let me quickly clarify that although I frequently call Andy Moore my painter, it is not an accurate description. Talented artist/perfectionist is more appropriate, and in this particular instance, mathematician would also be a good choice. The tight corners in this small space were more difficult than expected, and required extensive hand painting. One or two days turned into a week. I felt terrible! Except OMG you guys, I love it so much.

Here's a peek at how gorgeous...

Here are the Galbraith & Paul wallpaper samples. The green is too blue, and the tan is not green enough...

Here is the first stencil shape and color. The color reads grey in some of these photos, but it is a warm green that was custom matched to my drapery fabric.

Here are some before photos of the space from an old post. You can see the Butler's Pantry through the arched doorway to the left of the fireplace. I tried to cover up the boring walls and add some color with botanical prints.

For years, we lived with these plain walls, and it didn't occur to me to wallpaper or paint. But all of a sudden, I became obsessed with making this small space more special. I really wanted to do a light fixture as well, but the Payer of the Bills said absolutely no to that idea. I pick my battles.

And here are some updated photos with the stenciling! You can see the blue ceiling in the office... That's another very slow project I am working on.

The statue is missing because it fell over. It isn't ruined, but needs to be re-attached. I have been living with the statue corpse on my living room floor for months. It's on the to-do list. (Insert rolling my eyes so hard emoji)

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