Around the House

A few things to catch up on...

I finally hung this blue and white platter in the back hall.. I mentioned it way back when I was doing my laundry room. It hung in there for a while, and also in my kitchen over the stove. 

(this is the old laundry room, new laundry room is HERE)

It's a fun surprise to walk in from the garage and see this! It is especially nice considering it sat on my dining room table waiting to be hung for the past 6 months. I'm not sure why it took me so long to follow through with this plan, but it is finally done.

Love it!

Kalanchoes are still totally doing the trick for me in several locations... I especially love them in the fall. 

Love the orange in the green confit pot...

The blue and white Aerin pot shown below, in the kitchen, used to be in the dining room, where the green confit pot is. I love moving containers around the house. They feel new in a different space. I adore the dark orange alstroemeria with the blue!

Here you can see the aptware platter that replaced the blue and white one I hung in the hallway!

For those of you waiting for a family room update, it's coming soon! The new drapery are hung (shown here) and the new furniture is arriving in the next couple weeks. Will post asap!

More kalanchoe...

Also? We are stenciling the Butler's Pantry! I am very excited about this project. The design was inspired by a Galbraith & Paul wallpaper. The colors weren't quite right on the wallpaper, so we customized the colors, and Andy Moore is stenciling the design! This is the very beginning of the process, and I will report back when finished. Check my Instagram stories for updates! 

I stopped by by my SIL's house the other day, and about died over these hydrangea. You guys, she picked them FROM HER YARD... 

Ok, that's all for now.. I will be anxiously awaiting the family room furniture delivery!

Hope you are having a wonderful fall! 🍁🍁

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