grocery store flowers / drapery for sale!

It's time for another edition of grocery store flowers. I am starting to realize that when it comes to shopping for plants and flowers, I have better luck than the average individual at the grocery store.

I buy kalanchoes almost every month :)

Remember I got rid of the ivy and tried something new? This new option still looks great!! Just dropped in a couple new kalanchoes!

Could not resist walking out of Hy-Vee with at least one ivy! They almost always have beautiful ivy.

Although I struggle with spidermites on my ivy indoors, I have much better luck on my patio...

I remember picking out that trim like it was yesterday... I still love it.

There are two panels...

here! They are in great condition and I still love them!


Can't wait to share the new! It's quite a process. We've still got some time to wait, but stay tuned!

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