pont ~ aven

Pont-Aven was probably my favorite of our day trips. As an art history major, I was in heaven.

If this looks like a painting, there's a reason why. Pont-Aven was home to the group of artists who were collectively referred to as Pont-Aven School, and included names like Emile Bernard and Paul Gauguin. There are plenty of stories about these artists, especially Gauguin, and you can just imagine them walking the streets. There are painted doors exhibited in the museum, probably painted by one of the painters in this clan, for rent or a meal.

Can you imagine walking up those steps to get home?

In 1886, Gauguin arrived and stayed at the Pension Gloanec ~ for accommodation and meals. Other guests of the Pension from 1886-1890 include Emile Bernard, Emile Jourdan, Charles Laval, Charles Filigree Paul Serusier, Henry Moret, and Gustave Loiseau, making it an artistic landmark in Pont-Aven.

I couldn't get enough of the blue shutters everywhere!

Ravioli Langoustine

The most delicious ravioli I've ever tasted...

The sauce for my ravioli!

Still more to come...

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