manoir de moellien

On our way home from our day trip to Locronan, our hosts stopped for a surprise treat.

Manoir de Moellien is a secluded and charming hotel tucked in the countryside, just over a mile outside the city of Locronan. Before they purchased their house, our friends spent years visiting Brittany, and called this hotel, a few miles from the beaches, in a village near Quimper, their home. Hello hydrangea!

The patios outside each room...

Everywhere you look, it's more charm...

Gloomy, but still gorgeous!

After day trips to several of the most beautiful villages I've ever encountered, I can see why our friends decided to get their own place. But how fun it was to revisit this hotel which served them well for many years...

If you have been thinking about visiting Brittany, Manoir de Moellien is certainly a charming option for a hotel. You can read more about it here.

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