around the house and a winner

While recently vacationing in Florida, I was so inspired by the green grass, blue sky, and colorful flowers. I couldn't wait to get home and restock my house with flowers and plants for Spring.

Seems like every once in a while, when I'm in the restocking mode for flowers and plants, there are none to be found...

I did manage to pick up a couple tulip plants and some grocery store flowers here and there, but the selection was pitiful...

Most of the pots on the bottom shelf are in my shop for sale... #inventoryondisplay

So instead of the planned post featuring flowers and plants, this post is more appropriately dubbed Around the House :)

Hope you are as happy as I am about April! Can you believe?

A sincere thanks to all for the great comments for the giveaway!

The winner of the PVE Design Personalized Monogram is... place #1:Rob Harding

Congrats Rob! You will have such fun working with Patricia!

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