museum bees

Although I don't stock many things in my online shop, (most items are ordered from the vendor as they are purchased from customers..) I do stock bees from Trace Mayer. They are one-of-a-kind and oh so fun to give and receive! A word of caution: Customers who make a bee purchase very often become repeat customers :)

If you have not heard about Museum Bees, here's what people are buzzing about: (As stated on my shop website)

Trace Mayer uses antique frame fragments, predominantly from 1860-80, to form charming and interesting shapes. In the center, a variety of ornaments are showcased, the first of which was Napoleon's Bee. What has transpired over the years is a phenomenon anyone and everyone can get exited about and be a part of. Bees have expanded to include a plethora of other gems including other animals, insects, and most recently, personal items such as a medal, or a special family heirloom. Small antique objects are another favorite option including horse brass, pre-Columbian fragments, or small bronze medallion.

Each is a work of art and imperfectly perfect... Each and every "bee" in The French Tangerine Shop is priced at $50.

"So what do I do with the museum bees?" I'm so glad you asked! Here are some images of my own, plus a few from Trace Mayer and Pinterest showing some great examples of how to display bees!

I love the variance in color represented here ~ what a collection!

Sitting in front of books on the bookshelves adds a bit of interest...

Love this dragonfly and painted turquoise center.

This red one adds a little zip to a bathroom...

You guys, this is my newest bee. IT'S HUGE! I love it so much...

A fun collection for the equestrian lover...

Whether in a collection, or displayed solo, a museum bee is a charming addition to any decor. The possibilities are endless!

I feel like everyone should have a bee :)


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