mccoy design

These awesome votives spent some quality time in my head after a recent shopping trip. Interruptions associated with travel tried to distract me, but the votives stayed strong.

How could I forget? Mignon's gorgeous home!

I did some research, and I'm thrilled to report I'll be carrying these little treasures in the shop!

I am thinking of a pair of these for my dining room!

Jon McCoy, artist and rock lover extraordinaire, is the guru behind this stunning home accessory collection. He designs and hand sculpts each piece with the help of his team, all with a mutual understanding and appreciation of Jon's aesthetic goal. My mom is getting this one...

So excited about this collaboration.. Jon is the real McCoy :) Each piece is unique and a stunning work of art. I love the organic quality it adds to any decor... So smart and modern!

Please contact me if you are interested in these exceptional and inspiring natural art pieces...

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