cote jardin washington dc

More shopping in DC!

I have purchased several of my favorite things from this favorite antique shop of mine. Nothing extraordinary about that except that I have done so without ever having stepped foot in the shop!

I found my first pieces of aptware online which initially lead me to Cote Jardin...

As is often the case, I become fast friends with people I buy things from. Allyson periodically sends me photos of things she thinks I might be interested in. My favorite story is when she sent me a photo of an interesting piece of aptware, and I noticed an amazing blue chest in the background of the photo. It is one of my favorite things!

What a treat it was to finally visit the shop in person!

Cote Jardin Washington DC

Fell in love with this pair of snails!

My only regret? Not meeting Allyson in person! I happened in on a day she was not working. I will be back.

Visit Cote Jardin online!


Visit this post from 2013 to learn more about aptware. I am delighted to be your resource for this highly sought after and elusive product straight from France. My vendor's pieces are shown below. Her aptware is the prettiest I've seen and certainly matches the quality I was looking for. If you are interested in ordering aptware, please email me for details. Keep in mind, this is a special order. Depending on the size of the order and the time of year, timing for delivery can range dramatically. Of course I will keep you informed and updated throughout the order process. It's a journey, but one worth travelling :)

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