my parents moved!

After moving my son into his dorm at Stetson University, I flew straight to Chicago to help Hillary move to a new apartment in Lincoln Park... Next, I flew straight to Florida to help my parents get settled into their new home in Fort Myers. I am basically a professional mover. Hillary's apartment post is coming up next, but first, here's a look at the new home of my parents.

Can you tell this is my favorite vignette? I took a million pics!

We became vignette-creating masters...

The plate wall was especially fun...

I'm pretty sure we wiped out the plate hanger supply in Fort Myers.

My parents act like I'm some sort of superhero because I helped them move. I mean, I am their daughter!? I could not be happier to do it! Any chance I can get to spend time with M and D is treasured ~ even if I'm on a ladder ordering people around!

Hillary's new crib coming up next...

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