inspired home: a timeless beauty part 2

This home's exterior has been a source of inspiration and beauty to me for 20+ years.

The home sits up on a hill in a charming location that doesn't lend itself to drive-by photos. In fact, it's on a curve of a road, and I've often swerved into the other lane while gazing out the window as I drive by.

I mean...

I'm thinking wedding central...

A natural privacy wall of trees surrounds the property...

Me trying to cut out the pole. You can definitely see why this house has been a favorite drive-by of mine for the past 25 years. I love it.

It is wonderful to knowthat the people who reside in this timeless and classic beauty love it and cherish it. Thank you, as always, to the homeowners for being so generous in sharing their personal space. It is such fun to share inspiring images this way, and I know these inspired home posts are a highlight to so many of my readers.

A very sincere thank you!

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