Another IRA

You may recall a post about a trip to San Francisco, where I mentioned a very special visit to Ira Yeager Studios. If you have followed me for a while, you are familiar with my undying love for Ira Yeager. 

I have coveted a mirror portrait painting from this favorite artist of mine for a few years thanks to this saved image from a trip to Swanson Vineyards...

After learning about this exhibition from 2010, I found this image on the Ira Yeager Studios website... Quite a collection of mirror portrait paintings!

Ira Yeager Studios

Visiting the Shotwell Street Studio in person only intensified said coveting and ultimately provided the push needed to acquire yet another Ira Yeager painting. 

I mean I love every single one of them.

We were shocked and delighted when we saw this one beautifully displayed in the Studio in San Francisco!

Friends, this is my fourth Ira Yeager painting, and it's perfect in this little niche...


It would be fine with me to have an Ira Yeager painting in every room in my house. In fact, if I continue at this pace, I just might!

(images from Pinterest and here)

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