nashville antique show part 2

As promised, the Nashville Antique Show continues with more of my favorite things from the dealers ~ part 2...

Hedgerow Antiques

French Collectibles

Acanthus Studios

Sandstone Gardens

Garden Variety Design Jayne Thompson Essex Antiquarians

And these?

Almost bought them. I ADORE them! I wish a had the perfect spot for them. I thought about putting one in my bathroom filled with towels... Anyone want to split the pair with me? Actually nevermind. I can't buy one more thing!

Whitehall Antiques Trace Mayer

Wait until you see what I'm doing with my bees :)

Kimball & Bean

Thomas Fortner

This show is big-time. Not only are there a multitude of antique and horticulture dealers, there are also a host of events and activities including a Preview Party, Garden Tours, Lectures, a Bourbon Party, a Design Panel, Ask an Expert opportunities, Music in the Gardens, Book Signings, and more. Not to mention the endless possibilities to be experienced in Nashville! It can be overwhelming, but oh so worth it. More about the show still to come...

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