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The Design Panel was my very favorite part of the Antiques & Garden Show in Nashville.

I had the panel pegged as a discussion-like setting ~ a conversation amongst the panelists moderated by the oh-so-lovely Margo Shaw of flower magazine. I wondered how the discussion would flow or how slides would work into the presentation. (I hoped for slides!)

I should not have worried.

The panel consisted of four powerhouse design experts who are famously successful at living beautifully ~ each highlighting what inspires them most. They presented their version of living well in 15-20 minute segments, each with their own personal flair and slides to match.

Markham Roberts ~ Design inspiration

Christopher Spitzmiller ~ Lighting inspiration

Jane Scott Hodges ~ Linen inspiration

Michael Devine ~ Entertaining inspiration

Margo Shaw ~ Moderator extraordinaire

Markham Roberts was fabulous. Charming and witty and super talented. Sometimes I think of myself as up-to-date in the design world, but I am still trying to figure out how and why I have not heard his name extensively, because I could not have been more enamored with him. Listening to him for the entire 90 minutes would have been fine with me. He is definitely a new favorite of mine. SO FRESH, book ordered.

here Christopher Spitzmiller is adorable. ADORABLE I tell you. And his lamps are to die for. I want a lamp or two for every single room in my house. Currently I have zero, but they are on my list. When I win the lottery. Unfortunately, they are pricey. But I promise you they are gorgeous. As is he.

Jane Scott Hodges delivered. Her slides were my dream-come-true fantasies of monogrammed linens. I have posted about Leontine Linens in the past, and they are truly exceptional and special. Her story was delightful.

This room by Alexa Hampton is one of my all-time favorites. Totally want to copy it for a guest room upstairs... Linens are fab!

here Michael Devine was super charming. I literally ordered his book on Amazon during the presentation from my phone. The slides were over the top. (Again with the how and why do I not already own this book?) Some of the prettiest tables and parties I have ever seen. He also has gorgeous fabrics and is a phenomenal cook. Total inspiration. here

Inspiration at it's best I tell you. That's how I feel about the Superstar Design Panel Lecture. Ninety minutes of nonstop inspiration. Thank you Nashville Antiques & Garden Show! #inspired

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