slipcover update story

Remember the post about checks? From 8 months ago? And I alluded to the fact that I had another trick up my sleeve involving checks that was going to be happening in my dining room? Well it didn't happen. It didn't happen because I changed my mind three times before making a final decision regarding the dining room slipcovers. It all started with this Pierre Frey fabric... Les Camees

I adored the pillows in this image (I think from Carolyne Roehm?) with the cameo fabric highlighted on the front.


I loved the pillows so much, I wanted the fabric combo in the dining room! (I do this sometimes.. become so joyful about a particular fabric, I want to put it in every room in my house.)

We had a plan. The check fabric would be the main fabric offering a casualness to the room... with the cameos sewn on top. But I would need double the fabric.. too much!

So we decided to do the cameos on the host chairs only. Smart! Savings!

But then I found this fabric. It's a Timothy Corrigan for Schumacher. And I fell in love!

I loved it. I shared a sneak peek on instagram!

Les Touches

This fabric kept popping up... a sign?

Still casual, but elegant with a touch of fun.

We decided to do the host chairs in the same Pierre Frey fabric as my drapery - (I believe this is my favorite fabric of all time..) Of course the fabric is discontinued, so I had to do some serious searching and investigative work, but I found just enough!


Check out the details on these beautiful slip covers! I love them so much! The check flange is Charm Central.

Flange around the sides, piping along the bottom...

And if I decide I don't think the fabrics are perfect for a table setting, I slip those slipcovers right off! Here are some old pics without the slipcovers... SO BORING!

Lesson learned: I'm a slow decorator.

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