broken pot story

Remember the terracotta pot from the front of my house?

The one with the ginormous boxwood in it?

Well the boxwood turned brown along with all my other potted boxwoods, and when I removed the dead boxwood, the pot crumbled to pieces. Apparently, after almost 20 years, the frost finally took it's toll on the terra-cotta. Total bummer for me because I was not planning on spending a ridiculous amount of time finding another pot. Because let's face it folks, getting the same pot would be too damn easy, and that's not the way this girl operates.

And so the search began… I considered doing a pot like this one from Napa Home

It is truly a miserable thing when you find what you want in a photo, and then can't figure out where it's from. Although I have experienced this misery on occasion, it is a rare occurrence, because I am a professional/obsessed searcher of the internet. There is rarely an item I can't find.

So I found this guy. But he is ginormous. Huge.

An anduze planter was an obvious option. It's french. It's charming. It's french. This was a favorite from Authentic Provence.

I just had to decide on a color, and there are plenty of gorgeous options to choose from.

While comparing colors and pondering my heart out, my always practical husband asked whether the new anduze planters I was considering were frost proof. I called to inquire and the response was heart breaking. The planters must be moved inside whenever I would move plants inside for cold weather. Anything below freezing would not be good… And of course that blows because I live in Nebraska, and our weather is totally unpredictable and freezing a large majority of the time… as in below freezing.

So the search began for frost-proof anduze pots. And guess what? There are tons of knock-offs that are frost proof. The finishes are definitely not as wonderful as the original option, but I've already called the paint magician, Andy Moore, and a little paint might just do the trick!

I offer you the findings with sources linked:

Restoration Hardware


Charleston Gardens

Ballard Designs Ballard Designs...

So that's my broken pot story…

My patio and pots 2014 post is coming up next. This has been the most difficult year EVER for getting everything planted and looking good.

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