To be fair, the title of this post should be Shivani and Chris considering it is about their wedding. Except for me, it was the Shivani Show, and what a spectacular show it was!

I had heard Indian weddings were an all weekend affair, and today I can confirm that this is a true statement. The beauty of an Indian wedding is in large part due to the numerous traditions and rituals associated with the special celebration. Family and friends come together and participate in many mini-celebrations, each with it's own special significance and meaning.

It all started with the invitation. We knew we were in for something special when the small book arrived...

Next, the three nights are represented on individual lovely invitation cards… Sangeet is a night put on by the siblings of the bride and groom. We were unable to attend this evening, but heard it was a delightful celebration of music, dance and dinner. (We were celebrating my husband's 50th birthday..)

Saturday evening was the Mehndi celebration represented by the green card. I read about Mehndi before the event and upon referencing the gorgeous back of the card below, I had an inkling as to what was going to take place. (See what I did there? Inkling..)

Mehndi is a ritual performed on the eve of the wedding day. It is anticipated with joy and is one of many charming traditions for an Indian bride. The intricate designs were amazing, and once the artist was finished, Shivani had to let the designs dry for quite some time.

Shivani is fabulous...

Did I mention colorful? The bright colors used during the wedding celebration seem to ensure it will be a happy and festive occasion.

I loved the S for Shivani in rose petals!

Here comes the groom with the mothers...

After the kiss, and some serious circling around (seven times) on the mandap, there were lots of delicious appetizers and drinks and mingling, and then the doors were opened to the dinner, or more appropriately dubbed, the entertainment for the evening.

The cake was beautiful, but what was the sword for? We all joked that perhaps they might cut the cake with the sword… ha ha we laughed.

And then, they cut the cake with the sword.

Wishing you all the very best in your life together!

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