decorating with the same old stuff

I did some redecorating this week and didn't spend a penny! After completing such a big volunteer job, I feel what wedding planners must feel after the wedding… What the heck am I supposed to do now? So after a year of neglecting my house, I started moving things around.

Here's the "new" look acquired by thoughtfully, painstakingly, and neurotically moving "old" things around!

A rose medallion bowl, collecting dust on top of a secretary, is now the centerpiece and focal point on a chest at the end of my hallway.

And so the chain of reaction began… This is the chinoiserie box that used to be on the chest at the end of the hall. Love it in the dining room!

Different flowers :)

And here are the green pots that used to be in my dining room…

See the pair of green pots on top of the secretary? That's where the rose medallion bowl used to sit!

I saw this new Mackenzie-Childs tray recently and thought it would be perfect to house my collection of glass tumblers… (I did have to pay for that..)

While I was uploading the photos for this post, I remembered a rose medallion piece still hidden away. Got that sucker out and filled it with hydrangeas!

I'm tired of moving things around. Thank goodness I found a spot for almost everything. I still have a few spaces I'm working on, but they'll have to wait until the mood strikes me again...

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