hillary's moving to chicago

If I have any loyal followers, like borderline stalker-type followers, they may remember my posts about my daughter preparing for her move to New York last December. Well that never happened. Sometimes it's hard to predict the future, and as a self-described obsessive planner, this doesn't sit well with me. I like to plan the future. I like to plan like nobody's business. You have no idea what kind of planning I'm talking about. PLAN and ORGANIZE = MY FAVORITE THINGS.

For a multitude of reasons, my Hillary did not and is not moving to New York. She is moving to Chicago! I could not be happier about this, except of course that I'll miss her terribly. But won't we have fun decorating her apartment? Why yes, yes we will.

First off, she's announced that she will be taking her framed Hermes scarf that is currently above her bed. Fine. That will be our inspiration.

here) here) here) here) Hillary has been collecting a few MC pieces in the parchment check for her apartment, and they should fit in quite nicely... here)

And this... (here)

And this... here)

Hillary has this bar cart on her wish list. (here)

It's a process, isn't it? It will be fun to record the evolution of the apartment...

The move-in is coming quick! Pics will follow..

Wait until you see the bedding!

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