pots and patio 2013

I have been thanking my lucky stars every single day about the helicopter situation this year. Each May, our large "helicopter trees" which are some variation of a maple I believe, send off hoards of helicopters which fill the driveway, patio, flower beds, the entire yard really, and it's a complete nightmare. We actually contemplate (before we come to our senses) cutting the trees down! Last year was the worst year I can remember. We pulled miniature maple trees all damn summer long as those helicopters land, plant themselves, get rained on, and sprout into tiny trees.

This year was a gift as there have been a mere fraction of the helicopters compared to years past. At any rate, this is a long story meant to introduce my pots and patio for this season...

Here we go...

Ok I did not intend to post this many photos. Apparently I felt the need to show each plant from every possible angle... sorry about that.

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