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I will be talking about the Lauritzen Gardens Antique and Garden Show a lot in the coming months. I shared our kick-off photos in my last post, and I have been asked to share our kick-off presentation. Hopefully it will give you an even better idea of our vision and inspiration and just how spectacular this celebration is going to be. It's long. But it is full of great information including the phenomenal speakers we have lined up... In fact, you may be inspired to start planning a trip to Omaha next September! 


September 26-29 


Harrison Howard

It's only appropriate that we begin our presentation with Harrison Howard, a wonderfully talented and charming artist from California. Harrison has graciously provided several one-of-a-kind pieces of art for our show. Harrison's artwork has truly been an inspiration to us and represents the 2013 show perfectly... A whimsical, magical garden fantasy celebrating a decade of treasures at the Gardens! 

We are pleased to present a limited edition exclusive commemorative print celebrating a Decade of Treasures at the Gardens... There are 200 available.

This image will also be printed on individual notecards which will be available in the Gift Shop. 

Packaged notecards will be available with 3 each of these 4 designs. Special orders for prints are welcome.

Packaged gift tags will be available in these designs:

Harrison Howard needlepoint pillows in several of his classic designs will also be featured...

A very special display in the gift shop will be dedicated to Harrison Howard merchandise. We feel the moss covered furniture epitomizes the whimsical theme.

We envision a moss-covered chair with a flower laying on top, and a watering can - mimicking the HH commemorative print...

The theme continues in Kimball's Korner! Mossed furniture for charming vignette..

More on Kimball's Korner coming up later...

Eddie Ross

Cocktails and Collectibles

Get Ready for Eddie!

Eddie Ross will be joining us Friday evening as a celebrity tastemaker. 

Eddie will offer an exclusive Shop the Show experience for registered patrons. Learn the stylist’s secrets to easy, elegant entertainment! Bring home the beauty with personally handpicked finds from the show. A beautifully curated collection of tabletop and accessories will be displayed in Eddie’s Alcove.

Eddie and his partner extraordinaire, Jaithan...


- Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America

- Food editor on Martha Stewart Living 

- Associate Design Director for all in-house production at Food Network.

- Running his own catering company

- Associate Decorating Editor at House Beautiful

- Senior Style Editor of Martha Stewart Living

- Season Two of Bravo's Top Design

- Co-founded a lifestyle company with partner Jaithan Kochar

From decorating and entertaining to food styling and flowers, Eddie consistently produces beautiful stories that relate to a variety of people’s tastes and budgets. He will be a dynamic attraction for Friday night's Cocktails and Collectibles and we look forward to his energetic personality... Get Ready for Eddie!

Kathryn Ireland

Our Saturday speaker has been a featured designer on Bravo's popular Million Dollar Decorator's for two years. She has a wonderful personality - warm and engaging - and is extremely talented. 

Born in England and raised in London and Scotland, Kathryn Ireland arrived in Los Angeles in 1986. Prior to launching her interior design business, Kathryn was an actress, clothing designer, and filmmaker. Today she is considered one of the most influential interior and textile designers in the world. Her signature style has been described as comfortable, bohemian, and family friendly, with large doses of color. She has worked for Steve Martin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Mamet, and most recently, Lindsay Lohan recently revealed in the show's finale. Kathryn is the author of four books including the most recently released Timeless Interiors.

Her signature fabrics are distributed across the US and her work has been published internationally including features in People magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and Architectural Digest, among others. She was recently named one of Elle Decor's A List designers. Her shop in LA is as charming as it gets...

Kathryn and her three sons...

Danielle Rollins

Our Sunday speaker, Danielle Rollins is the ultimate hostess, providing amazing backdrops for her innate southern hospitality. Described as a modern domestic diva, full-time single mother of three, she channels the style of Grace Kelly, the wit of Lucille Ball, and the decorating and entertaining approach of Dorothy Draper. She is a gracious living expert, tastemaker, and author, contributing editor of Veranda, lifestyle editor of, and frequent contributor to many other magazines. Passionate gardener and cook, constantly seeking beauty, and lover of all things design related, Danielle believes in taking short cuts when you can, and that effort equals happiness. 

She will be a delight to visit with on Sunday! 

Her book is beautiful!

We could not be more excited about our Friday Luncheon Speaker! Carolyne Roehm has been a coveted speaker for a decade and we are happy to share with you that the dream has become a reality. 

Carolyne Roehm

Carolyne Roehm has been viewed for more than two decades as one of this country's trendsetters in fashion, elegance, and taste making. She has been described as one of the world's best dressed women, one of the most beautiful and charming women in New York, driven and highly organized. She worked for Oscar de la Renta for ten years as a house model and designer. She was President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. 

Roehm's passion for beauty extends beyond the sphere of fashion and reaches into the world of flowers, entertaining, garden design, and interior and product design. She contributes beauty and style to everything she touches! Her books are all-time favorites to many of us...

 A tulip from Carolyne's new book...

Harrison Howard's tulip by coincidence!

Carolyne's newest book...


Another huge source of inspiration in the flower department, especially for Kimball's Korner, was this video from a Christian Dior fashion show in Paris. Walls were covered with moss and then flowers... Stunning!


Expect to see this inspiration at the show!

Kyle and I hardly knew each other when we agreed to chair this event together. Luckily, we quickly discovered we could not be more compatible and we agree on all the important stuff. To make things interesting, we could not be more different when it comes to design. Kyle knows what I like, and I know what she likes. I knew without a doubt she would implement my vision when I asked her to do the flowers for a very special dinner I had at my house.

I think we knew then "flowers" would play a vital role in our job as co-chairmen for this event.

To illustrate that the show has something for everyone and welcomes different styles and different looks, Kyle and I have compiled a few photos of our own homes. As you will see, we have extremely different styles, yet we both  find things that not only enhance the decor in our homes, but are impactful.

Check out this awesome bust! 

From Nufangle's booth last year...

And here it is in Kyle's house!

More from Kyle's home...

Here are a couple things I brought home from the show last year... This stool from Barley Twist,

a painting from Sebasky and Hildreth,

antique books from Clark Graves,

 a brass jardinaire from Thomas Fortner,

 a crusty figure shown here in The Black Tulip booth,

and in my dining room.

 A box in Zane Moss' booth,

and in my dining room!

Here are a few majolica pieces from Jerry Hayes...

And here they are in my mom's house!

The point is that there is a treasure for everyone at the show. The joy and excitement comes in finding the "thing" that you love and will be perfect in your home! 

In an effort to include more of the garden in the show, we are making arrangements available to the dealers to make it easier for them to include flowers/plants in their booths. 

Inspiration examples!

We are looking to take it up a notch! We are inspired and want this show to be the biggest success ever... 

We are ready to celebrate a Decade of Treasures at the Gardens!

Show Dates: September 26-29

For more information visit the LGAS website here

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