vicki sawyer

While shopping in Winter Park, we found the most charming painter of birds, Vicki Sawyer. My daughter hates birds. She's afraid of birds. But certainly, after meeting these delightful creatures, her hatred could not apply.

A set of 12 birds on small (5"x 5") canvas blocks called to us. We spent a fair amount of time making our selections only to find out they were sold as a set! If they could have been separated, we all would have come home with at least one..

I couldn't wait to get home and research the artist and see more...

Adorable, right?

Vicki's love of birds comes from a childhood of identifying birds with her dad. She is charmed by their personalities and recently it occurred to her, "if birds can build nests, then they can make hats!" This realization was the inspiration for this charming series of birds (and other little ones) ~ all with their own names.

We didn't leave the shop empty handed. My super smart sister-in-law bought some of her precious cards and is framing them herself!

Cards can be found on Zazzle here.

Vicki is very accommodating and will customize any bird with any hat of your choosing. Just email her here.

Visit her website to learn more about Vicki Sawyer and these delightful critters... here.

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