A Surprise Encounter

St. Emilion posts continue...

Day 5

You'll never guess what happened on day 5... The sun came out!

Perfect for a morning walk...

The streets looked like movie sets much of the time as this is not their busy season...

We walked through the 800-year-old Saint-Emilion Monolithic Church which is the region's most prominent religious monument and is breathtaking....

We found our restaurant for that night! Le Tertre... (Note to self: No high heels)

I love those lanterns!

Adorable french boys help their dads work on the wine barrels.

We chose to take advantage of the clear skies and walk to our next winery tour...

Turns out the owners are American!

Reminds me of Downton Abbey..

On our way out, we heard about the possibility of rain. We thought we'd be clever and cut through the vineyards for a shortcut,

which resulted in adding about an hour to our walk home.

We argued about which turn to take, this one or that, and when we finally agreed on a direction, and were trudging up a hill to turn a corner, there was gunfire. 

That's right, gunfire. Two shots plain as day. Pow. Pow. Simultaneously, as you can imagine, we turned and made a run for it. I guess it's hunting season? We weren't really interested in pursuing men with guns or investigating the shooting situation. We simply chose another path. .. the long way home.  

Holy Lord. You know what comes next... dinner.

Only one post remains in the France series! Coming up next...


Lovely picture Jan! I especially like the one of the street going down (the 9th one down I think). Thanks for sharing! It’s great to see this area through someone else’s eye…


These photos are just stunning. I am loving this trip! Never been to St Emilion, have now added it to the France list. So nice to travel without crowds.


I have never seen anything so beautiful! I’m so glad you are posting this series from your trip! It is truly spectacular!

carolyn bradford

Adore the way the awning keeps the leaves from falling in your plate-at the restaurant. Wonderful pictures. Thank you. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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