more paris tomorrow

I must preface my next post with a short message as I have had mixed feelings recently about posting at all. Especially posting such extravagance ~ vacationing in France ~ while there is unequivocal suffering and hardship going on. Even before Sandy, just days before I left for France, I attended a heartbreaking funeral, and although he was not close to me, he was much too young to go, and the sadness surrounding this loss is still with me.

It's not the first time I've posted through personal hardships.

It's hard to post about normal life when life is not normal. In no way do I intend to overlook or dismiss what's going on! I am merely trying to create a sense of normalcy in my own life, and in doing so, perhaps I am able to provide a sense of comfort or support, possibly even a bit of cheer for someone else. My intention is not to ignore the disaster going on, but to provide an escape for anyone who is looking for one.. a distraction to inspire.

I sincerely hope I have not offended anyone in my attempt to continue sharing inspiration. I send all my love to those who are struggling, and pray for a quick rebound. I am optimistic that families and communities can

find the good

in such challenging times. I realize under the discouraging circumstances many are facing, that finding something to be grateful for may sound impossible, preposterous! However I am encouraged when I learn about people making a difference and touching the lives of strangers through loving motivation and enthusiasm, commitment and determination. It is this kind of good that will get us through hard times and allow us to look to the future with promise and hope.

More Paris tomorrow...

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