designer discovery: elissa cullman

Meeting new people is definitely one of the best parts about volunteer work. Chairing the Lauritzen Gardens Antique and Garden Show is proving to be a wonderful experience. Not only does this volunteer job provide great opportunities to meet new people, we are also able to enjoy the discovery of new designers in our quest for speakers.

During our research, we recently found Elissa Cullman, a new discovery for me. Funny when you discover a new designer, they start turning up everywhere!

This dining room is as charming as it gets.. LOVE the weather vanes. In my experience, antique weather vanes are hard to come by, and when found are unaffordable. It's hard to imagine multiples as seen in the room below. As you will see, Cullman loves weather vanes...

Love that pretty blue check on the chairs. Love the chandelier. Love the rug.

This bright yellow reminds me of Mary Douglas Drysdale.. And how about those chandeliers? Wow.

Love the chandelier. Love the lions. And there's another weather vane.

This image appeals to my love of "centered" shelves. Love the chairs...

Guess who decorated Oprah's home in Hawaii?

These dining chairs seem to be a favorite - they are wonderful... And check out the rooster weather vanes...


All images are from Pinterest.

Most Cullman images can also be found on her website.

The Oprah images can be found on the Oprah website.

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