tangerine wedding part 2

All I can tell you is, I hope your morning is free. If you have appointments, you should seriously consider canceling them. This post will require a fair amount of time and dedication to get through, I promise you that. An inspiring documentation of a spectacular celebration which happened to fall on the most beautiful day of the year. No seriously, it was not only the most beautiful day, but one of the only beautiful days of the year... and we didn't have very many.

Now let's get on with the photos, shall we?

The pool had several fire pits with gorgeous tangerine flower balls floating around... so fantastic.

Can you imagine the plethora of candles and the fire pits at night? Magical...

Are you still with me? Are you dying over this? I've included quite a few photos here... how to edit? I'm just not sure I've seen anything this pretty, ever. What a complete thrill for me to photograph such outstanding beauty. Thank you so much to this dear family for sharing such an extraordinary celebration and inspiring us all! I'll stop begging to photograph the inside... but not for long!

Floral Design: Aaron Carlson Design

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