my favorite house

I begged quite enough, and my friend with my favorite gorgeous house that I referred to in this post featuring my dream houses, finally succumbed to my annoying behavior and allowed me to photograph her house and yard. Thank you Jesus. I mean, it's just one gorgeous house after another here at The French Tangerine...

You will see why I'm not shy about using the word favorite when referring to this particular house. I have lots of houses I am in love with, but this one, oh man, is my favorite.

I love the windows and the shutters.

I love the light fixtures and the stone.

I love every single added element.

It just doesn't get any prettier.

The backyard is also perfection. An oasis of beauty. An escape to the countryside of France... right here in the midwest.

Absolutely breathtaking. My favorite.

PS I'm going to be photographing this very same backyard just before a wedding reception this month. I have a distinct feeling it will be gorgeous. What do you think?

Architect: Bruce Frasier

Landscape Design: Kinghorn Gardens

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