moving things around

I'm kind of weird about getting my vignettes just right. As I've mentioned before, I'll spend hours staring at a space and trying different ensembles until I get it perfect. The problem is, perfect changes. I will admit, my vignettes are lasting much longer than they did when I first started obsessing about this activity. In fact, I haven't changed the set-up on my living room coffee table since I moved in a decade ago! Until today...

I've spent the last 12 hours moving things around. I'm exhausted! The worst is when I realize it's time to take Jonathan to football (3pm) and I'm still in my pajamas, and there are decorative objects all over the kitchen, and all over the dining room table, cabinets are open, you get the idea...

I'm not sure there is anything more fulfilling than getting the vignette to a point where I feel satisfied. I suppose photographing the vignettes is a close second. Although it may appear that there are multiple repeats, there are no copies. I just take photos in circles. I go through the house and photograph my favorite things, and then I do it again.

So that's what I accomplished today. Really ridiculous.

Hopefully tomorrow is a bit more productive. If my family asks me when I'm going to the grocery store one more time, violence may very well come with the answer.

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