mc laundry room?

I'm thinking of sprucing up my laundry room. "Sprucing up" seems to evolve for me into a major project. At the start, when I say sprucing up, I mean to update the knobs. These white knobs seemed charming at the time, but several have broken over the last ten years, and they seem to disappear against the white cabinets.

However, I have a french country thing going on, and I wonder if the Mackenzie Childs knobs will blend. Here's the hallway leading to the laundry room...

The Brunschwig and Fils wallpaper and border is very french country. (I only papered ceiling because paint is cheaper than paper and that's where we were at this stage of building..)

Quimper plate collection = french country

Blue and white platter. .. How will that fit in with Mackenzie Childs?

here) paint Mackenzie-Childs designs on the cabinet fronts. It could get super busy, but what a fun laundry room! Probably too much with the french country theme...

Or! What if I replaced the Quimper with Mackenzie Childs plates? I could even fill the bread rack in the hallway with tons of Mackenzie Childs! Do you see what's happening here? My brain takes this project to a stressful place. I don't want to deal and it gets put away for another time. Maybe I'll just wallpaper the walls?

Maybe the laundry room is just fine... Actually, the laundry room will have to be fine... Literally, days after I worked on this post, my washer broke. It stopped spinning. It has been super loud for months and I knew subconsciously it was going to happen sooner or later. Sprucing now will be defined as a new washer and dryer!

Any suggestions??

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