A Wine Gathering

I had a little get-together at my house last week for a small group of dynamic ladies, in hopes of sparking new interest and spreading the word about the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show here in Omaha. I am chairing the event for its 10th anniversary, September 2013, with my friend Kyle. (aka flower woman extraordinaire)

Once everyone was out the door, and a collection of dirty glasses and napkins was all that remained, I remembered to take photos.. 

So I present you with the flowers... still stunning and beautiful! Kyle, my co-chair, is also a florist. She owns Habitat in the Old Market in downtown Omaha. She is super amazing at everything she does. 

Here's what I tell Kyle: Orange, peach and yellow please.

Here's what I get: Total and complete gorgeousness.

I did some sprucing with a few new ivys and kalanche plants also...


The evening seems to have been a success. If we prompted new excitement about the show, it was worthwhile. I believe I can say with certainty, mission accomplished.

Thank you Kyle! 

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