dream house

The last thing I want is to appear ungrateful. So let me begin by saying how utterly thankful I am for the house I call home. It has always been beyond my dreams! Until now... (wink)

Thanks to Pinterest, there are loads of images that dreams are made of. Images that exceed what my imagination is capable of.

Alas, I have a collection of homes I have classified and categorized as "dream home" despite my total and complete gratitude for the home in which I live.

This is definitely a favorite dream house.

I. Love. It.

I detect a theme... a European feel... not necessarily something you'd see driving around Omaha. I love the windows, the ivy, and the casual/lived-in vibe these houses send forth, despite their grandioseness.

I have a favorite home, a near match to what I'm loving above, I'm currently begging to photograph...

I'll keep you posted on how the groveling turns out...

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