CBG Inside

Let's go inside the Chicago Botanic Antiques and Garden Fair!

Boxwood and blue hydrangea were everywhere!

This was a display by a local Events company... simple and elegant.

These photos do not do the actual setting justice. The light was too bright to get good images, (with my camera anyway) but hopefully you can get an idea. The green apples, green grass, and green hedges went on forever.

Not a single passageway or hall was left bare.

Look how they mixed floral above and below with the display of antiques.

So gorgeous!

Oh! I totally went nuts over this arrangement. Apparently, there was a demonstration we missed, but man was I happy we got to see the finished product. The color, the use of vegetables and fruit, that green lettuce! 

When was the last time you saw radishes in a floral arrangement?

Or green beans tied up with ribbon?

Love everything about it!

More on the way!

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