visit with mom and dad

First, I must correct right away my mistake from yesterday's post. I mistook the beautiful bougainvillea for azaleas. Whoopsie! Thanks to all who emailed and commented on my mix up. I like to correct mistakes as soon as possible!

Now, on to the weekend with my parents...

So happy to spend time with my folks in Winter Park, Florida! We didn't go shopping, we didn't go antiquing, we didn't do much of anything except relax, and it was awesome!

I did manage to get my camera out and it's a good thing. My photos produced three posts for this week...

You can see why we had no motivation to leave!

Seriously, their backyard is a dream. We were so happy sitting back there with an occasional dip in the pool. Normally, the dip in the pool activity would be an exhilarating refresher after sitting in the hot sun. However, since my parents heat their pool (on purpose) to 85 degrees, (no I'm not kidding) it's actually more comparable to a really warm bath experience. However we did continue with the occasional dips... just for a change of scenery. And as you've seen, the scenery rocks.

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