pearl and pajamae

My parents love their dogs. And when I say love, I'm referring to an obsessive, neurotic kind of love, where the dogs basically rule their lives. It's quite precious.

The dogs could not be more different. Pearl, the dog they acquired first, was really meant to be an only child. We aren't sure what exactly happened, but once dog number two came along, Pearl basically went into a deep depression. She loves my dad and sort of my mom, and just tolerates everyone else. Dog number two, Pajamae, (pronounced Pa' ja may) (the pa and ja are both pronounced with a lower case o) (think podge-a-may) (I almost cancelled this post because of the difficulty of explaining the pronunciation of this name) is a bit rambunctious and runs to get a slipper in her mouth when you return home so she doesn't bite you with excitement. A little weird, but better than getting bitten. The photos show their personalities.

Here's Pajamae...

Here's Pearl.

More Pearl.

They are adorable. They are such good children for my parents... Much less stressful than real ones!

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