A Meeting with Muffins

Apparently I have a problem with over compensating for meetings when it comes to feeding fellow committee members. 

It's hard to figure exactly how many mini muffins a committee member might be interested in on a particular morning. 

I also have absolutely no idea how to make coffee. We happen to have an extremely fancy coffee machine for hardcore coffee drinkers which I do not have any use for. It belongs to my husband and it belongs in the laundry room where I don't have to look at it's largeness. 

I purchased a carafe of coffee from the local coffee shop for this gathering so coffee making lessons weren't required. 

As you can see, I also purchased quite a few orange tulips... could they be any prettier?

The meeting lasted 23 minutes. Exactly four committee members showed up. One committee member had coffee. Exactly three of the mini muffins were consumed (out of the 18 purchased) and one of the six sticky rolls was taken. By me. One individual had OJ, and another got water from the faucet. WATER FROM THE FAUCET!  

I suppose I got some good photos out of the deal. 


Love your sense of humor and the fact that I spy some delicious pieces of MacK-C scattered here and there. We share a love of this wonderful pottery as well as French pottery. Yes, I see that cute little double salt sitting on the counter. ;-)


Gorgeous table setting glad to see another MacKenzie Childs follower Thanks Lolly

Fabulously Blairsville

Haha! Why is it that women don’t like to eat at these sorts of things?? So funny! I’ve had the same thing happen. I make a nice spread of food and no one eats it.

Well, had I been there… I would have enjoyed your muffins and BTW, your orange tulips look lovely!

thanks for stopping by today!

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll look forward to reading your next post.



I just found your blog this week and I love it!!
I also love to “over prepare” for company – and I always over-do it!! But, I would rather have more than less. I just wish I could figure out the right balance.

Just Spiff It

Jan, I love the two tiered metal stand. I hate when you prepare for guests and then hardly any food gets eaten.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style

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