~ family room update

Remember, months ago, I showed you my new charming antique kitchen chairs?

Here's the post, if you've completely forgotten. I had almost completely forgotten! I mean, upholstery takes time, I get it, but this was getting a little weird. FINALLY, my kitchen chairs are back, and can I please tell you? They are as wonderful as expected. I love all the fabrics, and am thrilled to have kitchen chairs again!

Here they are in all their glory...

Then, I upgraded to these beautiful antique chairs from Rousset Antiques. Loved them so much and hoped the fabric would work, but it just wasn't right. And I definitely didn't like the white backs.

Love the use of different fabrics!

Just so happy with how everything is coming together!

Just after the chairs arrived, and I was thinking my day couldn't get any better, a small package arrived at the door. Surprises do not show up in the mail very often... like straight-up presents, out of nowhere. Not until I opened this darling goldfish-in-a-bag soap did I remember... A TFT reader promised to send me one... just for fun. It's the best seller in her line of Clearly Fun Products. HERE

And if that gesture of kindness wasn't enough, (it was) she also included these adorable little numbers! Can you believe? She used the tangerine from my logo, and my favorite little treasures from artist Patricia van Esche, and created adorable soaps!

Just a little care package full of sweet things for no reason at all...

learly Fun Products... After a peek, you will clearly see how fun these products are!

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